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Friday, October 22, 2004

I Declare this New Sock Day!

It's finally happened, the socks have beaten me.

I know they've spent weeks, months and some of them may have spent years conspiring against me and I'm now officially giving up.

I started out with a small container of mis-matched socks that has, over time, grown into a self re-producing nightmare that I just refuse to deal with anymore.

They make sure they don't get in the same dirty clothes container, one gets in the container and one on the floor. One stays in the dryer and one gets dropped on the floor only to be discovered later and discarded into the "pile" of other mismatched partners where they can spend their time partying instead of being worn and protecting the foot of those they were purchased for.

Today they are all being discarded~

I'll be purchasing new socks for everyone~

We all get a fresh new sock start!

Oh Happy Day!

posted by Angie @ 10/22/2004 07:12:55 AM


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