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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Mommy, Are You Awake?

As usual Friday nights during football season are late nights for us and last night was not an exception. We got home, unloaded the truck, talked about the show, had a snack and piddled around and when I looked at the clock it was somewhere around midnight.

I had everyone double check their respective calendars to make sure there were no commitments that we had to get up for this morning and woohoo, baby...not a thing! We were home free, sleeping late here we come!

I woke up sometime around 2am with my stupid knee hurting so I moved hobbled out of bed, got the ice pack and got settled on the couch with the ice pack and went back to sleep.

The next thing I know, my eyelids are being peeled open...

Mommy, are you awake?
Mommy, is it morning?
Waaakkkkeeee Up!

Mommy, I want you~

I barely moved over and Mer climbed up and slithered in beside me and made herself comfy on my left hipbone, I was in agony but she was comfy and quiet. I knew my leg would be numb shortly so I didn't move.

That lasted about 3 minutes~

Mommy, I want on the other side now~

I'm barely alive and crack my eyes open to see that it's daylight outside but I don't dare look at the time because guilt will set in if I see that it's past 6am and I'll make myself hit the floor running.

I move over and she makes herself comfy again, I'm dying...she's happy...it lasts about 2 minutes and she's up again.

Our couch is a recliner couch and so she's off again and she goes behind me this time and starts pulling my eyes open with my eyelashes.

Mommy, are you awake?

You really should wake up, it's morning time ya know!

Good Morning to You! (This is something I'm known to sing)

Mommy, it's time to put your makeup on.

Mommy, I'm hungry!

Mommy, I'm thirsty!

Yoo hoo...Mommy!

I finally wake up enough to say...

Mer, go see if Daddy's awake...bwaaaahhhhaaaaaa!

After all, wasn't it me that was crawling on the floor yesterday while he was all nice and comfy!

posted by Angie @ 10/16/2004 08:59:23 PM


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