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Monday, October 11, 2004

~Sachse, So Sweet~

Let's start with how to pronounce Sachse, I'll make it easy...Sacks-ee, told ya, easy breezy.

The band marched in the 17th Annual DeSoto Classic Invitational on Saturday.

They swept the entire competition and proudly brought home the following awards:

~*1st Place Overall Performance*~
~*Best Overall Percussion*~
~*Best Overall Colorguard*~
~*Class AAA Champions*~
~*Class AAA Best Drum Majors*~
~*Class AAA Best Percussion*~
~*Class AAA Best Colorguard*~

I've put up some pics if you'd care to peek at them here~

~Mustang Band, You Rock...Keep Up the Fantastic Work~

I'm One Proud Mom!

posted by Angie @ 10/11/2004 04:45:53 AM


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