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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Saturday's Insanity #1

My early post...LOL, give me a break...while most is true on most days, here's my reality check for yesterday and today!

Yesterday Josh's call time was 10:30 but as we have all come to live our lives by, if you're **On Time** you're late, if **You're Early**, you're on time! Sooooo, all thinking must be adjusted to that motto, try telling that to a 3 year old...she just looks at us~

You have all of the mental checklists to go over:

Dress Uniform...Check
Look for Double Creases, Can't March with double creases...ok, good to go
Hanging Properly at shoulders-Yes
Zip Bag
Hang on Back of Door

Mustang Band Bang-Can't Have any other Bag...after all we paid an additional $25 buckaroo's for this baby!

Shako Hat in Box-Check
Lint Roller-Check
Baby Wipes for spills & go over spill instructions again-check...lightly wipe off whatever spilled, Do Not and I repeat Do Not grind it into the material...yes, mom~
Extra Powerade-Check
DCT for lips-Check
Cell Phone-Check
Wallet-Check...wait, take wallet out, just wants cash

He's Wearing:
Body Armour Shirt
Propery Of Mustang Band Shirt
Body Armour Shorts...keeps the sweat off and takes care of modesty issues when they are all changing together on the bus...ths isn't middle school folks!
Parade Shorts
Black Socks
Marching Shoes

Horn got polished on Friday Night, Check

Ok, Josh takes a shower and then doesn't want to do his hair because he won't be seeing anyone he knows...WHAT...just the entire 200 member band plus everyone else...hair gets done...takes another 5 minutes that wasn't built into the schedule...grrrr.

Have to do:

Nasal Wash Check
Take Pill Check
2 Nasal Sprays & Check Check

Load truck

Uniform Check
Horn Check
Bag Check
Kid Check

We are out the door at 9:45 as he wants Whataburger on the way...we grab a breakfast burrito and get to school.

He unloads everything into the band hall and comes back out and I take him back out and around to the practice field for the one hour practice they will have before they leave.

Ok, I've got one hour before I have to be back with his lunch. They eat lunch on the bus on the way to the contest. I come home iron my shirt that I'm going to wear, put the final touch on my hair, scurry around and start getting Meredith's stuff together. She stayed with my mom on Friday night and we met her late yesterday to pick up Meredith.

Had to leave the house, ran to Subway got Josh his sandwich and took it back to school in time to watch the band make the final run through of the show and wow, they looked great...at least to my untrained eye!

The band finished and we hauled Josh, Sara, Stacy and Paul from the practice field around the band hall. We wished them all lots and lots of luck, told them they looked totally fab and would do just wonderful and we'd see them there!

They all pile out of the truck, waving and chattering and looking very happy as they depart...a closeknit group of freshman who've been playing together in band since sixth grade. On the way to their very first high school competition as a 5A Division School.

As I watch them, I'm happy to be hurried along, to have a crazy schedule...I like being there for all of them!

Wait, there's no time to be sappy...I've got more to do before we leave for the stadium!

Put this baby in drive and Go Girl!

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