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Monday, October 04, 2004

Snot in Abundance & Sleep is Plentiful!

Shhhhh...I'm trying not to hit the keys on the keyboard very hard because everyone is still knocked out and it's 8:45 here...maybe I should see if they are all still breathing...naw...I'll keep typing~

I know the teenager is still breathing, he just sleeps late. The husband is tired so it's reasonable for him to be out.

It's Meredith who in the three years of her life hasn't sleep past 7am more than a handful of times that I wonder about. Oh wait, I gave her some benadryl about 6:30 this morning...that must be it. In the past it's always made her speed up but maybe her system has changed and it's like a knockout drug now...hmmmm...I'll have to chart this and see.

Snot! I can't stand snot...any color, thick, thin...yuck! Meredith has got a ton of it right now and early this morning her poor nose was about all crusted over. I de-crustified it (wasn't I done with this years ago) and gave her some medicine and she passed out with her daddy. She looks just like a sweet darling angel in his arms. It's prolly the only time today she'll look that way so I'll try to remember that image as I'm saying, no...don't, stop and quit later on.

We had planned on riding the train down to the fair today but it's raining. Not a little bit of rain, a lot of rain accompanied by thunder and lightening...ugh. I was so looking forward to a Fletcher's Corny Dog with extra mustard today...mmmm...mmmm...good! Rain, rain, go away, come again another day!

Do you have little kids? Do you sing this song? It's stuck in my head:

1...2...buckle my shoe
3...4...shut the door
5...6...pick up sticks
7...8...lay them straight
9...10...BIG FAT HEN

I don't know why but when Mer and I get to the last line we always end up almost hollering big fat hen and then we die laughing. She loves that and generally gets a big belly laugh going.

Ever slow down enough to watch a little kid have a big belly laugh and how it encompasses their entire little bodies? Sometimes she can hardly keep her balance because she's laughing so darn hard which makes me laugh harder.

What song is stuck in your head? Do Tell?

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