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Sunday, October 03, 2004

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Saturday's Insanity #2

The weather changed overnight and it got rather cool on us rather quickly. Did Meredith have any Sachse colored spirit wear for cool weather yet...Noooooooooo....and of course we couldn't show up at a contest with her wearing something other than Sachse colored clothes!

We stopped by Hobby Lobby (Hubbys Idea) and nope, nothing there...I had to entertain him at least a little...ya know, throw the dog a bone...hehehehe!

Came home finished getting stuff ready, video camera, digital camera, cooler, Mer's bows, jeans, extra tissues, nasal spray for Josh, snacks, hard candy, and on and on and on.

We decided we'd stop in a Wally World cuz' it's on the way and if Wally World doesn't have it, you don't need it...right?

First stop, stadium chair section. I knew that I couldn't sit on my arse for hours and hours with no back support so we picked out stadium chairs. I know we are short on time so I'm off and going down the aisle to look for Mer an orange top and Marc is calling me back. I think it's just to look at yet something else like always so I just kept going. He finally caught up with me in the girls department and said thanks for coming back. I was hollering at you because I think I've lost my cell phone. I just looked at him...you know...the look of death. He takes my phone and keys and takes off back down to the camping section to look for and call his phone. Meanwhile, I find a couple of tops and then I see some throws I like which in turn means I have to walk through the entire bedspread/comforter section and of course he can't call me because he has my phone.

I get done and start looking for him and he's no where to be found or seen...ugh. I stationed myself at a corner so no matter which way he went he'd have to pass me and eventually he did. He found his phone! It was in the truck where he left it...hahahahahahaha!

We checked out at Wally World, drove through Wendys and got a burger and were on our way to the Stadium.

Mer's calling me now, I'll post the rest later...lovin' my reality!

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