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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Coffee, Throw Up & A Joke or Two!

There we were, a family of four...sitting at Starbucks this afternoon...window table...gorgeous day...drinking our coffee, doing some people watching, talking, laughing, telling jokes...just having a great sunday afternoon.

Mer is always asking for some of my coffee and frankly I get tired of saying no so today I said yes, and I stupidly gave her too much of my white chocolate mocha...and she had some of her bubba's too.

She gets this look about her and I ask what's wrong...she gives a wretch and I looked at hubby...he looked at me...we decided that at least she could wretch and wondered if she could throw up. 50% of kids who have a Nissen Fundoplication can throw up and 50% can't.

We happened to have a short empty cup & lid sitting on the table and yep, she heaved into it...quietly, neatly, calmly and no one else around us even knew what was going on. We put the lid on the cup and disposed of it...quietly, neatly and calmly.

I guess we are well too well versed in throwing up and all that is associated with it.

She felt immediately better and we went back to having a great time.

I sure don't miss the days of her being sick and all that went it, another situation that reminded me of how very grateful I am to have my little girl healthy!

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