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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Gracias to Josh!

Josh is a great son~ (Josh, you might want to skip this post because I'm going to gush over you...and I don't want you to get embarrassed and yes, you still have to do whatever I tell you to do...k ;) He knows that I'm just a big kid and of course Meredith is a little kid so how fitting that he told me about the Disney on Ice Show being in town.

We rode the train downtown which is always fun for us, nothing like riding the subway in New York City nor will it ever be but it's as close as we can get here in Big D.

I still don't understand why people look at us like were nuts when we say were taking the train somewhere, like we've grown three heads or something. I prefer it, no traffic to bother with, no discussions over take this exit...no that one...if you've seen The Incredibles...the scene where Mr. & Mrs. Incredible are discussing er...arguing what exit to get off at...that's us to a "t" so on the train we don't have that little issue to deal with.

I love to look at the people on the train. Where are they going? Where are they coming from? What are they thinking about? What music are they listening to? Do they have kids at home? My mind never stops.

Meredith loves to show me each and every letter "M" that she can find on the train because of course they are all for Meredith and were put there just for her.

Anyhoo, we had a great time!

Meredith laughed outloud a lot. Big belly laughs. Head leaning back laughs. I loved watching her laugh. I loved watching her laugh far more than watching the show. She was so happy. Gleeful. Eyes bright and shiny watching everything so very closely.

She was sitting next to Josh so as I watched her laugh I could also see Josh and I was so grateful that he mentioned coming to the show.

Grateful that once again our family had an opportunity to do something fun together...making up for some of that lost time.

Thanks Bubba from Emme!

Josh...Thank you so much for telling me about the show, thanks for being such a wonderful son and big brother!

I Love You!


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