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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Can You Say Hello Flu!

My Dad has been admitted to the hospital with both pnuemonia and the Flu...poor guy. Men don't generally go to the doctor but this time he went and I think Mom said he even went twice, which might just be a record for him but didn't help him because he's just sick, sick and sick.

They came to Josh's band concert on Tuesday night and of course Mer loves her Papa so she wants to sit on him, by him, with him, be with him, be in his space, breathe his air...you know...the stuff girls do with their grandfather's.

She started coughing on Thursday and by last night was spitting up yellow green stuff and had a runny nose.

I called her pulmonologist this morning and he's put the entire family on Tamiflu so hopefully we won't get it...that's the good news.

Bad news...called my mom this morning...she woke up coughing, shakes, chills which means she's prolly got it...ugh...not good.

Hospital is full, dad had to stay in the er all night.

I'll be at the pharmacy as soon as it opens this morning for our meds!

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