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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Meredith is sick.

She doesn't have RSV, they tested her for that in the office and it was negative.

We aren't sure what she has this time, the cultures won't be back until Monday or Tuesday.

If it's a virus, I'm hoping by then it will have run it's course and if it's bacterial they will know exactly what to treat.

She's a tough cookie to treat without knowing exactly what she has because of her MRSA.

She's on Orapred (oral steroids)which have helped her horrible cough and has a cough med for night that has hydrodocone in it so she can get some sleep.

I'm truding through this and making all efforts not to worry myself to death no matter how awful she looks.

You'd have been proud, I was even able to clean up puke by myself!

I held my breath until I thought I was going to pass out and threw out everything it touched...at least everything that could be thrown away!

Isn't that a nice, tidy way to deal with it...LOL!

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