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Friday, March 18, 2005

I thought it was time for a fresh new look~

This suits me perfectly!

Marc and I are moving slowly this morning, gawd...are we that old already!

His desk is situated behind mine and it's late for him to still be at home.

He's in the middle of doing something or another and it's nice to just have him in the same room with me.

We occasionaly talk about the news or the kids but mostly nothing, I just know he's here and find peace in his presence.


Meredith is on the couch hollering (in her princess voice), wanting to be waited on hand and foot...will you change the channel, will you cover me up, will you get me a drink...and like the true parents we are...we both sit stealth quiet at our respective desks waiting for the other to answer...hehe...who can hold out the longest?

We both keep typing, waiting, typing, waiting, not breathing, pretending we didn't hear anything but she won't stop...ever...ugh...I may as well end this post because I need to save what nerves I've got left to last through the day!

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