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Monday, April 11, 2005

Confession Time!

There are so many times that I think, I want to be sure and blog about this or that but I end up being too tired. I really hate that too because having this blog allows me to look back over time and have a record of things that I might of otherwise forgotten.

April isn't my month, last year it was my emergency hemmorhoid surgery and this year I was diagnosed with Laryngopharyngeal Reflux.

On another note some people get spring sinuses, I on the otherhand, get the spring shits.

I was supposed to have a colonoscopy done last year to rule out anything other than IBS but of course I put it off and after having yards of gauze pulled out of my ass from the hemmorhoid surgery you prolly would have too.

After finding out about this lovely type of reflux that makes me
1) Sound like a man on a bad day
2) Sound like a teenage boy who's going through puberty with a cracking voice on a good day
I'm afraid to skip any doctor's appointment.

I might get lucky and get scoped from the top and bottom all at once...yay! Better than gauze!

Today's a great day, I'm cracking away...my voice that is!

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