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Monday, May 02, 2005

Dear Marc, Josh and Meredith~

Thank you so very much for the wonderful weekend we just spent together.

I enjoy each of you so very much, your jokes, your nagging, your laughing, your picking on each other and me ;)

I love watching Marc teach Josh how do to different things and watching them quietly as Marc talks and Josh intently listens.

I was so happy seeing you two teach Mer how to use the pool ladder, with such patience and encouraging her when she was unsure and afraid.

I had such a fun time playing in the backyard with both of you. Running around like I'm a little kid, chasing both of you...it was a blast...Girl Power!

I'm truly grateful that we can let our hair down as a family and still play like kids together, laugh so hard until our stomachs hurt and I end up with all these wonderful memories.

I can honestly say that nothing fulfills me more as woman, wife and mother than being with my family...and I treasure weekends like we just had and hold them very close to my heart.

Angie, Mom, Mommy

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