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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Finally! Cool Weather here in North Texas.

It was 70 when we got up this morning and now at 3:45 it's 58, it's hard to believe. Is Mother Nature toying with us? It's mid November and I'll finally be dragging a jacket out of the closet tonight for Mer to wear.

Thank goodness I cleaned the hall closet out and can now find the jackets, sweaters and coats. The other closets still need to be dealt with...ugh.

On another note, Mer is cleaning out the fridge...oh God, we'll be lucky to have anything left besides cheese, butter and bbq sauce when she's done.

I swear the child could live on those items alone.

I personally have a very difficult time with soggy bread, just about anything soggy makes me want to puke my guts out. I'm not lucky enough to have a daughter that's the same way about sogginess...she's the exact opposite. She loves soggy, the soggier the better. She loves a mound of bbq sauce on her plate and will dip or drag any food item through it...gag! She'll dip her food in whatever she's drinking...blech...dips it and asks me if I'd like a bite...ummm...no, thanks.

It's rather peaceful at the moment, she has everything out of the fridge door and is currently lining up all the bottles...in rows, circles, triangles, arcs...all kinds of shapes.

Her comes her brother, asking if she's windy again...geez...why is my house so full of gas related issues.

She passes it, he passes it, Dad is the king of passing it...myself on the other hand, I often think I'm going to die from the pain it causes me.

Does your family play a song for you on a musical instrument when you're running down the hall to the bathroom? Do they say, "Run...Run like the wind mama, you can do it, run Mama run!

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