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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I'm hurt, the kind of hurt that I desperately try to avoid.

My husband would say that I don't get close to many people because of what's transpired in my past, he's right.

It's difficult to get through my many levels of self-protection, when someone does, they have the ability to hurt me beyonds words.

I'm generally the strong one.

I laugh things off even if they cut me to the bone inside.

No matter how things are, I'm famous for saying, "It's all good".

Today sent me reeling back, tumbling at a speed that I couldn't stop.

Tears, pain, hurt.

Memories...yes, they fade but they don't disappear.

I love my family, I try to do the right thing by them.

I've worked hard to overcome the undeserved "black sheep" title that I carried with me for so long within my family.

I've tried to communicate honestly and openly. I've been terribly hurt on more than one occasion by the response I've received when I've voiced things that have been hurtful to me.

I've learned to keep most things to myself, it's better that way.

They don't see the tears.

They don't see the pain.

They don't see the hurt.

I'm not sure they'd notice anyway.

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