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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Sickness Sweeping our Household...blech!

Christmas Eve Josh was sick with a gastro-intestional virus. Puking, the runs, chills, fever etc. Took him to the doctor (thank goodness they were open) and got him medicine.

We made plans for Marc and Mer to go to Christmas with the family but he woke up Christmas Day and felt well enough to go.

Coming home Christmas Day I had a horrible headache, mostly sinus pain.

Monday Meredith started puking, wouldn't drink, eat and even after a tigan supp. she kept puking. Took her to the ER since she's not supposed to dry heave with her Nissen.

In the ER, I got sick.

102+ fever, cold chills, felt awful. They put me in a room down the hall from Mer. We both got IV's for fluids and she got zofran, I got phenergan. I had a reaction to the phenergan...thought I was going crazy...lasted about two hours. My fever finally broke and I'm left with this upper respiratory infection. Went to my doc today and got some meds (cough syrup and something for the drainage and post nasal drip).

Marc is the only one who hasn't gotten it yet...I'm so hoping he doesn't get it.

Did someone say something about packing up the Christmas stuff...yeah, right~

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