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Saturday, March 18, 2006

I'm the Boss...I'm the Boss!

Ok, so I posted about liking the quiet time and here's what I'm pondering this morning.

I have a lovely, sweet daughter...will be five this year. I also have a great teenage son, who will be 16 this year.

Teenage son takes sweet daughter on a walk yesterday and by the time they got home she had fallen out of two swings...swings that aren't even ours. He puts her in swings that people have in their front yards, does he go to the front door and ask if it's ok to use the swing...Nooooooooo...they are just happy as larks to use the swing. Does he test the swing to see if it's sturdy...I doubt it, haven't asked because I'm afraid of the answer he'll come up with. I cringe and envision someone coming out of a house with a bat or something to shoo them away but that hasn't happened as of yet...I'm still holding my breath.

So yesterday she falls out of two different swings...hey, if they try out one and no one shoo's them along then why not more...and then I hear her out playing, he's with her so I didn't give it another thought. He comes in to show me this little movie he's taken of her while outside...he was so proud, laughing, saying it was great.

He shows it to me and I get to see my sweet daughter who is still four, outside beating an ant pile with a stick and he's telling her to say, "I'm the boss, I'm the boss" over and over again as she's beating the ant pile. I'm watching, he's laughing saying...isn't that great Mom...and as I'm sitting in my chair watching, I'm just really shocked at what I'm seeing.

This is my teenager teaching my sweet daughter to beat things and say, "I'm the boss, I'm the boss". Where does he come up with this stuff, he's not like that at all.

She starts kindergarten this fall and I envision her beating some poor little girl or boy who's been mean to her on the playgroung saying, "I'm the boss, I'm the boss". I further envision that it's ***Me*** that will be called to the school to explain where she might have learned such a thing...at which point I will go to the high school and get my teenage son to bring him to explain where she learned such behavior.

I mean really, I can see it now...the principal and teachers wondering if this child's mother is at home dressed in leather, with chains, leather boots and whips...doing things...yes, those types of things...the type's of things you're thinking right now, with her husband and yelling, "I'm the boss, I'm the boss."

Leaves me wondering...did teenager hear something ;)

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