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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Sanity Time in the Early A.M.

It's early here and I'm the only one awake.

I truly relish this time. I can remember when I couldn't wait for dh to wake up so I could "chat" with him about whatever might be running through my head at the time but times have changed and now I love my peace and quiet time.

I can get ready for when Mer wakes up. She talks from the second she wakes up until she passes out in her bed at night. Every second of every day. She has a leapster and that's helped a bit, I get short breaks from the talking while she's playing with that.

I can remember my mom talking a lot when I was young, I know that I run my mouth a lot, especially when I feel good...my dad used to say he was exhausted listening to me. These days he says things like, "I can remember when your mom talked that much, thank God she doesn't anymore."

Kind of ironic actually because I can remember he liked his quiet time in the mornings, he would get his coffee, send Dancer (gorgeous yellow lab) out to get the paper and then sit in his recliner and do the daily crossword while drinking his coffee and trying to relish in the quiet of the morning.

It's ironic in the sense that I used to hate being quiet in the mornings and now I like it. I doubt he would believe that, even now that I'm older but I really do enjoy the peace.

Seeing the sun come up, hearing the birds sing, the dew on the grass, trees and flowers, having time to ponder over things, giving Mer a hug when she gets up...all things that I like about my early morning quiet time.

I wonder if my Dad likes some of the same things about his early morning time, I'll have to ask him.

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